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Thank you everyone, I've been making music for about 8 years now, and i remember like yesterday when I was first starting out on Brony music, it was almost 6 months ago ( I was a brony for 1 1/2 years)
and me and my friend Franck (Uncreative) was watching and seeing all these wonderful Brony musicians,artists,video makers,fiction writers, gamer and more! we would go on Equestria Daily, deviant art, fan fiction websites and YouTube to see the latest pony videos, I haven't been thrilled or excited to see whats new in a community in years! Well we were just sitting and one day in march we were talking, saying it would be awesome to give the community something back since they have been giving us entertainment and smiles all this time, Me and my friend decided to do what we love to do, as for me, I love to make music! so I decided to be a EDM (Electric dance music) Music! BUT xD it just felt it wasn't me, PLUS I was bad at it! I wanted to do EDM music cause my brony Musicians Idols were doing it, but then i didnt feel happy making EDM music so my friend franck told me what do i feel like doing, and what popped in my head after days of thinking, i said to myself i love ambient music, i love emotional music that makes you think, or ambient music that makes you feel motivated! so i started to write music! and made "Luna's Palace" but i didnt have a OC or a Musician name, and i asked my friend franck to help me and he told me, im going to give you two names and you can decide to pick that or find out on your own, he said "ThatAmbientPonyGuy" or "Resonantwaves" and i was like "that ambient pony guy?" and he responded "You asked for help, those are the only two names i am going to give you" and then i asked "What does Resonantwaves mean?" he replied "It means they are Sound waves that you can only hear in ambient or harmony waves in music" and that caught my attention, so i used Resonantwaves. I sent my song to EQD the first time and i got a replied! from them! :D i was really excited and they told me something was missing on my song but keep on trying! so i did but it didn't turn out well, it didn't get accepted, which crushed one of my dreams to show up featured on EQD, but, thanks to my friends and Uncreative I was happy with the song i made, so i started working on my next song and then the next and I just loved it! i had 0 subscribers and no views but i was making music! that came from me, not for fame and not for money. i remember going on ponysquare and IRCs and showing people my music, making friends, making music, laughing and enjoying the fandom! it was nice! then i found Toastbeard ZIQ30, Toastbeard is a group of Brony musicians that make music and critique on other brony music, it was a family in there, most of us had 0 suscribers and no one heard of us, we all loved doing music, so every week we gather together on saturdays listening to each other musics and it was great we all became great friends and i am very fond of them and even admire with respect to them! they all helped me and grew up with me, but then one day i wanted to do a little search i wanted to know more about Toastbeard, why was it called "Toastbeard ZIQ30?" well if you guys are wondering we are on ZIQ50 now!  well basically every week we get a toastbeard that means they give us a theme to work on before the week is over, like this week is "This week's theme: ponies in trench warfare. " so we need to make a song that fits that theme by the end of the week! well so i decided to look around Toastbeard ZIQ01! and I was amazed! Musicians that all started out! like I was starting out and how they all became friends growing up together, collabing together, dreaming together! it was makkon,pinkiepieswear, omnipony,tarby, living tombstone, mic the microphone, jackleapp circuitfry,aussie,mumble,foozo­g, wooden toast, Interrobang Pie, Sci, Z0r8 ,glaze! and many more musicians! i was reading the reviews they were giving each other and the laughs, I was happy that I found toastbeard, but i think my friend Uncreative told me about it, I have to thank him again! I was a brony longer then Uncreative! but he is up to date! D: then me XD hes a awesome friend,  but then i started making music with them and one day! my song got into EQD! "Celestias Lament" i felt so happy that after months of doing what i love! theres other people that would enjoy my music!
but going making music, meeting musicians teaching me, teaching each other was great! i met awesome people like Adamth3walker,Lookoutlondon,Rcyo,Teo, emberdash, uncreative (well i knew him for 4 years) and there is so much to name! i want to say thanks to..

The moral of the story is

1) Do what you love to do, not for fame or money.
2) There will be some times that would make you feel demotivated, it might be from critiques, getting denied or being told its badly made, dont let that stop you
keep trying and dont give up and if it makes you happy the music, be happy with it
3) get advice from friends and be thankful for them helping you
4) learn from mistakes
5) Believe in yourself
6) this is the most important one, of all. a lot of peoples mistake

this means! that remember all those that helped you get through your sorrows or motivate you
always remember them and be friends with them forever! because it was them that helped
you (and me) become where you are now! and dont treat them like poop because you got known and think your better then them!

remember them..

I want to thank you all for listening to my little story!
i also want to thank everyone in..

My Friends
My Fans
Special thanks for Uncreative (Franck) for motivating me to be here where i am
and able to Stand me all these years lol thanks mate and see you in EQLA

Here is my Skype!



don't be shy and add me!

Toastbeard website:…

EQD website:…

Link on youtube:…


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Hey Rez It's been a long time since I've talked to you. I'd love to help you with your music again sometime.
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thank you! i really love your art :D hope to see more!
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Hey thanks for the watch, mate. And the awesome ambient music. Gonna put all your stuff in my new writing-mode playlist. It's perfect for setting the mood for a story.
ResonantWaves Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
np! i love your work :) keep it up! and nice a fanfiction writer and a artist? :P! looking forward to see more of your works!
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